The Bathing Suit Issue

Let’s face it, once in our 60s it’s a bit different bathing suit-wise than in our 20s, 30s, and even 40s. I believe that the last time I put on a bathing suit was at the tail-end of my 40s. I was living in Texas at the time, and me just say this: unless you have access to an indoor pool, jumping into an outside pool in Texas at any time of the year is a lot like jumping into warm pee. I simply stopped swimming, and found that I didn’t really miss it.

In our circa 1953 house we of course have a bathtub, but after a knee replacement and bad shoulders I didn’t think it would be much fun to get in and out. Then I thought about those water therapy deals where you exercise in the pool with a whole lot of other people. Somehow that didn’t appeal to me either. So I let the whole swimming and tub thing go, and just stuck with showers.

However, my step-daughter told me recently that she and her family are going to install a pool in their back yard. I know that the grandgirls will adore it, as well as their parents. Not only that, but all the girls’ friends will love it as well. I’m sure that their house will become Party Central in no time.

We have been invited to join them at the pool once it’s up and running. So, for the first time in over 20-some years, I started looking at bathing suits. Well—at my age and with all my wobbly bits, it’s going to be a little challenging. Fortunately, there are loads of different swim suits for all sizes and shapes.

These days I find that I need a lot more support in a lot more places than I used to. It seems that my body is slowly turning into a melting cake left out in the sun, so I need some pretty firm support in all areas. Basically I am looking for a swim dress with a decent bra that successfully corrals the girls, an empire waist where the skirt floats gracefully down to mid-thigh, with a good pair of bathing briefs underneath.

In looking at possible swim suits, I generally find that my wants/needs don’t always make it together in one suit. I would rather not show off my upper thighs or stomach or underarm “wubblies.” In fact, I really don’t want to call attention to any part of my body these days; I just want a swim suit that herds in all the “wubblage” and doesn’t make anyone run screaming from the pool.

Maybe it’s a scuba wetsuit I need with a nice skirt on it. Ah well, wish me luck. The pool hasn’t even been dug yet, so I still have time.

One thought on “The Bathing Suit Issue

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    I dug out my voluminous, full-skirted suit last year when I visited a friend. At her town pool, there’s a grownups only hour, and the company made me feel young. I bet it had been twenty years since I jumped into a pool and I loved it…

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