The Magic of Compliments

Our 7-year old granddaughter, Ava, is not only a smart, funny, talented and loving child, but she is also kind. She looks for the good things in people, and she always finds something in everyone to compliment.

The Crankee Yankee and I were out with her and her Mom and Dad a few years back (before Ava became a big sister to Juliette, now two years old). We were all in a store together, and Ava, being full of energy, was running up and down the shoe aisles. I had just turned the corner to keep an eye on her as she ran up another aisle.

A woman and her little girl, who looked to be about four years old, were walking down the aisle. Ava stopped short in front of them, smiled at them, and said to the little girl, “you are beautiful!

The girl was very shy, but she broke into a big grin. Her mother smiled too and thanked Ava. You could tell that this little girl had not had many compliments. Knowing Ava as I do, I knew she meant it right from her heart.

This is just one of the lovely attributes Ava has. She is innately kind and genuinely looks for the good in everyone. She always compliments people on something about them. Not long ago we were all together, having lunch at Ava’s favorite diner. An older woman and her friend got up from their table and walked by our table. Ava said, “Oh, I love your necklace!”

The woman stopped and smiled at her and said, “Do you know what? This (holding out the pendant on her necklace; a jeweled turtle) is actually a refrigerator magnet I put on a chain!”

We all laughed and complimented her again on her ingenuity. Ava said, “well, no matter what, it’s beautiful.” This little interchange seemed to warm up the whole diner. When we left, everyone was smiling.

Compliments are magic in their way, especially when they come from a kind and loving heart.

One thought on “The Magic of Compliments

  1. Jodi says:

    Sooo sweet. Good job Ava!!

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