Herons on the Pond

The weather has been perfect the last couple days for walking around the pond. All the fierce-eyed red wing blackbirds are on constant patrol in the cattails on the edge of the pond as their ladies are now busy raising their young. The males keep circling around their nests, calling and protecting their territory.

As I pass by, I always murmur, “you don’t need to worry about me; I wish you and your family nothing but good.”

The young turtles now sun themselves on the long logs on the edge of the pond. Their shells shine in the sun, and they enjoy the warmth so much that even my footsteps don’t move them from their sunny spot.

All the mama ducks are paddling through the pond, their young trailing out behind them. Seagulls wheel overhead, squawking and calling to each other. Sometimes, a rare osprey shows up, like a prize for the day.

The pond is also home to the occasional flock of swans. Seeing them drift on the surface of the pond reminds me of ballerinas in white tutus, twirling in the eddies.

But my favorites, the great blue herons, are back again. They stand, nearly immobile, in places where they can watch for minnows and other small fry to swim by. You can tell only by the small movement of their heads slowly bending down that they are about to spear their breakfast.

When they are done fishing or are disturbed, they utter a grumbling “heerawk!” snd they lift their large wings to fly off, long legs trailing behind. They like quiet spots, the herons do, and they are likely to choose quietude over good fishing. Each time I am lucky enough to see herons, the day goes right for me after that.


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