The “Good” Side

In making up the bed this morning with fresh sheets, I had to laugh. My mother taught me how to make up a bed; sheets with “hospital corners” and all that. She had a beautiful coverlet that topped all the sheets and blankets, and she always made sure that the longer drape was on the “good” side.

The “good” side was the one facing the door to the bedroom. This way, anyone going by the bedroom door would see the well-made bed with the coverlet at its proper length. That was the “good” side. As for the other side, who cared? No one except family saw it.

It’s funny how those little habits get passed on. As our house is in constant renovation, something as small as this gives me a sense of accomplishment. We have a *queen-size bed, so by the time I get the new sheets on, blankets and pillows all set, my last business is to make the “good” side look good. I don’t even think about it any more; I just do it.

Thinking of that makes me wonder: how many times do we consciously or unconsciously show our “good” side instead of our “real” side? For example, a few days ago it was hot, sticky and humid. As the Crankee Yankee is working on putting in new windows in each room, there was no place to put even a temporary air conditioner.

I am not my best in weather like this. Any attempt at putting on makeup is a lost (and messy) cause. I might as well be putting makeup on running water. The Crankee Yankee’s suggestion was this: “why bother with makeup on days like this?”

I’ll spare you what I said back to him. Let’s just say that makeup for me is part of my routine and I feel worse than naked without it. My makeup is my “good” side.

Which made me think of “good” sides in general. Are they for others or for ourselves? Speaking just for me, my “good” side is for me. Having the bedspread at the right length facing the door just makes me feel better. Having even a modicum of makeup on each day also makes me feel better—where’s the harm?

So whatever your “good” side is, let it shine. They don’t call it “good” for nothing!

*Had we only known at the time that we would have five cats living with us, we would have gone for the king size. Our cats do NOT respect boundries.

One thought on “The “Good” Side

  1. Diane Kirkup says:

    Love this Jane, my bed also has a “good side”…
    ‘The Bad Side” is left for private views …

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