I AM the “Gee-Gaw” Lady!

Back when I used to go to church, there was always one older woman whom I privately called “the gee-gaw lady.” She always wore a hair bow or a bejeweled clip in her hair, at least three pairs of earrings (she had several holes in her ears), loads of beads around her neck, bracelets of all kinds from her wrist to her elbow, and dozens of rings on her fingers.

She loved embellished tops with sequins and metallic cords, and her outfits were bright and bold. If there was an empty space on her tops, she filled it in with several sparkly pins. She was a real character.

Well—-how things do change. That was years ago, and these days I wear two pairs of earrings each day, at least one necklace, seven bangles on each arm and nine or ten rings. I have become my own “gee-gaw lady!”

It isn’t that I’m looking for attention; I just feel better with a lot of jewelry on. That’s it. And maybe that’s how the original gee-gaw lady felt too. I was too young and too opinionated to understand back then, but I get it now. Ornamentation is cheerful, fun, and, for me anyway; comforting. I feel good wearing all my favorite things. It makes me happy as I walk around, bangles jingling and rings sparkling. I’ll bet that my daily adornments don’t add up to a ton of money, but I like them and that’s enough for me.

Besides, much of my jewelry is sentimental for me. Each item has a story, and each item means something to me. One of the artists I buy from specializes in sterling bangles with pearls and sterling hearts. I bought one of the bangles with a heart and had my “grandmother name” engraved on it; “*Lulu.”

So now, each day when I “jewel up,” I think of the original gee-gaw lady. I wish I could talk with her now and tell her how she inspired me. We love what we love and there’s no need to apologize for it.

And if you are a “gee-gaw” woman like me, sparkle on!

*This is why my blog is called “Luluopolis;” it was inspired by my wonderful and amazing granddaughters, to whom I am “Lulu.”

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