Act “As If”

A few years before I retired, I was amazed at the things some people would do at work that wasn’t strictly work. Some would covertly play games their work computer to do non-work things, and so on. One dim bulb lost his job because he stole some equipment from the warehouse. Of course there were security cameras there that recorded his every move, so on that same day he was fired.

I happened to hear some of his friends talking about him; they felt sorry for him because he and his wife had just had a baby and his wife of course was not working. All I could think of was how in the world did this guy not know that he would be caught?

And that was just the beginning of computer surveillance in the work place. These days I’m sure it’s much more prevalent and probably each company’s security team keeps a close watch on everyone’s computers and devices.

Here’s the lesson to be learned here: when you work for a company, you work by their rules. Everything you work on; the computer, the desk, the chair, even the vending machine; every single thing in the company belongs to the companyIn fact, just take it for granted that, the moment you walk through the door, you are being watched and overheard.

Even if your workplace is low on technology and/or surveillance, it’s a good idea to “act as if” you are being watched or listened to all day. Doing this each day becomes a habit and will keep you honest (and out of trouble). During breaks or lunch, it’s usually given that everyone can access their phones and devices. But while working, it is a smart habit to assume that everything can be seen and heard.

The same goes for shops, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Most places have surveillance cameras and you cannot assume that you are not being watched. It’s a bit sad that we have come to this in our society, but sadly honesty and honor are pretty thin on the ground these days.

Big Brother is watching.

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