If You Can’t Believe in Yourself, Believe in Those Who Believe in YOU

It’s easy to get down on ourselves; we don’t like the way we look, we don’t like it that we don’t have the energy we used to have, our house is a mess, and on and on and on. It becomes all too easy to stop believing in ourselves.

Everyone goes through this trial by fire; it’s the human condition. And getting older often makes us feel bad. We remember the young and pretty things we used to be; how confident we were, how we managed to do so much in a day. These days we may get out of bed with good intentions—then flop right back into bed saying, ‘oh, the hell with it.’

As we age, this feeling may get stronger. We have so much less energy than we used to, and these days we often feel like we have run out of gas. (Funny, because at my age I never seem to run out of gas, if you get my meaning.)

This is the time to call out the troops; that is, the people who love us and care about us. These are the people who love us for who and what we are; they fail to see anything wrong with us. They uplift us with their love and support, they tell us to keep on going, no matter what—because they believe in us.

They may or may not be aware of the many faults we find in ourselves, but they choose to love us as we are. Their kindness and acceptance of us makes us feel less alone, less like a failure, and more a person that matters. Those who love and believe in us never see the flaws we do in ourselves. They act as our better angels and remind us who we really are.

Speaking only for myself, I do so love and appreciate those wonderful people who do not seem to see or care about all the times I’ve fallen down, and lost faith and hope in myself. They are my flickering candles in the darkness, the hands who hold mine as I walk blinded by all my mistakes, and who lift me up daily.

So many times, it is those who believe in me who make me believe in myself.


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