“I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!”

Remember all those commericals where someone has taken a fall and can’t get up? It’s funny unless it happens to you personally. Yesterday I was weeding one of the garden plots in my too-large sandals (but hey—it was a warm day). The Crankee Yankee was working on the “pea tee-pees” (a great structure he made for when the peas come up and start twining) two plots over.

I got up from one side of the plot I was weeding, and as I moved to the other side, my sandal caught on something and I took a spectacular fall backwards. I was at least smart enough not to fight it, but I landed on the crushed rock that surrounds all the plots. Unfortunately I also hit the back of my head hard against the aluminum ladder that was leaning against the house.

Now a funny thing happens when something unfunny happens. In my case, I immediately thought ‘it’s ok, I’m all right; I can feel everything, I know what day it is, and so on.’ Then I realized that I was really hurting. The Crankee Yankee came flying over and tried to get me back on my feet, but I told him I just needed to lie there for a while.

In a few minutes he helped me up, and I wasn’t dizzy. But the back of my head, my bad right shoulder and my lower back were yelling for attention. Once inside the house I applied cold packs and took some Aleve.

I thought about whether or not to go to the ER to get checked out. Nah, I thought, it wasn’t all that serious. Then I remembered about Liam Neeson’s wife, Natasha Richardson who died after she hit her head in a fall while skiing. She kept refusing help or offers to take her to the hospital. By the time she finally decided to go to a hospital, it was too late.

So I asked the Crankee Yankee to take me to the ER to be checked out. Long story short, my brain CT was fine; no injury or brain bleeds.

So why did I choose to write about this? I decided to because I almost did a very stupid thing in thinking I didn’t need to go to the ER. I felt fine; I was walking and talking. In researching Natasha Richardson, she too was walking and talking. In fact, doctors have a phrase for this when people have falls and don’t go to the ER called “walking, talking, dying.”

Of course any fall can be serious. But as I am looking at age 67 coming up in a few months, I didn’t want to take any chances. So if the same thing should happen to you, go straight to the ER ASAP. It’s a short time out of your life but it can save your life.

Oh yes, and don’t wear sandals while weeding. Who knew that was a health hazard? You learn something new every day!


One thought on ““I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!”

  1. Jodi says:

    Good choice. And thanks for sharing the good advice! Hope you are feeling ok.

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