Thankful Things

Thankful things are anything that makes our lives better. Thankful things can be people, pets, situations, time and place and so on. What makes a thankful thing is something that changes your life for the better.

Thankful things can include the following:

  • catching the last rim of pink-gold sunset over the mountains that takes your breath away.
  • hearing your grandchildren scream your name with joy.
  • your pet snoozing peacefully in your lap.
  • a friend calling out of the blue just to talk.
  • a full moon on a warm summer night.
  • a hug and a kiss from someone you love.
  • sinking into freshly-washed sheets after a long day.
  • listening to the warbles and trills of a cardinal.
  • watching the little brown bats fly just before dark.
  • the scent of baking cookies.
  • a beautiful card in the mail.
  • watching a blue heron sail across a pond.
  • the joy of playing a musical instrument.
  • reading a really good book.

The list can go on and on, of course. Thankful things can often include learning a hard lesson that you realize was actually a good thing. Sometimes it’s hard to pick out the good when you’ve been through a hard time. It may take years to understand that the experience taught you something you couldn’t have learned any other way.

Keep your eyes open for all those thankful things. There are plenty of them to go around.



One thought on “Thankful Things

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    A beautiful gratitude reminder!

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