Change of House, Change of Heart

The Crankee Yankee and I have lived in our house since 2007. During that time, he has done so much to improve the house, fix areas in it that badly needed attention, and has made improvements I wouldn’t have believed possible.

Here are just some of the changes he has made:

  • What was once the spotty grassed front yard is now a flourishing garden; eight beds full of amazing produce. Each year we have peas, lettuce, tomatoes, beets, sweet onions, garlic, arugula, cucumbers, peppers, radishes, corn, herbs and rhubarb.
  • A brand new back porch with screens and plexiglass.
  • A brand new front porch.
  • A new deck.
  • A new roof.
  • A new chimney.
  • A concrete base for our generator.
  • Crushed stone walkways throughout the garden and down around the garage.
  • A working compost heap in the back yard which makes fabulous loam for the gardens.
  • Three brand new doors; one in the *kitchen, one on the deck and one on the front porch.
  • Beautiful handmade wooden trellising all around the front porch.
  • A completely redesigned bedroom, painted a heavenly aqua.
  • A pocket door for the bedroom, and there will soon be another pocket door to the bathroom and one at the top of the stairs going down to the basement.

And there is so much more going on. I spent way too many hours pouting and ranting about the mess, the noise and the upset of living in what I dismissively called a construction zone. But a funny thing happened; I finally, finally saw the vast difference all these projects have made. In fact, just yesterday I boxed up all our books from the bookcase in the living room; the Crankee Yankee is going to be bumped out to make the staircase leading upstairs wider (as it should have been all along).

Finally, now I can not only see all the possibilities, but take part in them as well. And not grudgingly, either—now I do it with a willing heart and the new ability to see ahead. Once I dropped my attitude and started seeing the works as positive changes, and not disruptive changes, it made all the difference.

So now I am a willing participant. And do you know what? Life’s a whole lot easier this way. Now I feel that all this improving is exactly what it is: good and necessary changes. Plus I’m now having fun taking part in some ideas of my own. As a lifelong bookaholic, I have loads of books; they are old pals and I just can’t give them up. So the Crankee Yankee will be making not only one bookcase in the living, but also one upstairs in the soon-to-be “sitting room.”

What a difference a change of attitude makes!

*The old kitchen door was so close to the stove that you couldn’t open the door and open the oven door at the same time. The Crankee Yankee told me that many times his dad would push open the kitchen door just as his mom would be opening the oven door and CRASH—the dinner would go flying!

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