If you are looking for a really good cause to donate to, please check out the *Monadnock Kitty Rescue in Jaffrey, NH. The rescue facility is run by volunteers, and they are devoted to the cats they shelter. You can see their website at kittyrescueandadoption.org/, and also you can view their wish list for the things they need for the cats. This wonderful shelter was on WMUR’s Chronicle on April 26.

The Crankee Yankee and I went up last weekend to see the place. We brought some items on their wish list and a check to help out. All the volunteers who help out cleaning, grooming. and feeding dearly love the cats. The woman who showed us around each tidy room explained how they care for all the cats.

All of the resident cats, even those who are recovering from sickness, have large clean rooms with literally tons of soft, clean beds, jungle gyms, toys, transoms near the ceilings, windows, heat and A/C (depending on the time of year), and always large bowls of kibble and fresh water. There is even a room full of donated children’s playhouses (the shy cats really love those), doll beds, and so on. Litter boxes are changed regularly.

Should you bring a neglected or injured cat to the Kitty Rescue, they, unlike most shelters, do not ask for money. They will take the cat in for free, and make sure that the cat is checked out and cared for. They bring the new cat to a peaceful room with food, water, shelter and unconditional love and attention.

On the day we visited, we met the older cats who have lived happily in this wonderful shelter for 10 years or more. There were cats who arrived sick or injured and were tenderly treated and brought back to good health, and even a couple of new kitty moms nursing their kittens. Of course there were also three cute and rambunctious little kittens who were having the time of their lives wrestling each other and playing with toys.

Just about all of the cats are adoptable, and we loved the fact that they take in feral cats as well. Some of the ferals have been rehabilitated to the point where they can be adopted. Some will always be feral and because of that cannot not be adopted. However, these too will always have a loving home at the Monadnock Kitty Rescue and live out their lives in comfort, safety, good health and lots of love.

All of the devoted volunteers work hard to keep this amazing shelter running smoothly, and they operate on donations. Every little bit helps; even $5 can make a tremendous difference for these wonderful cats.

Sadly, too many people regard cats as disposable pets, thinking that they can abandon them when they are too much trouble to care for. The worst thing anyone can do with a cat that is no longer wanted is to leave them outside to “fend for themselves.” This is pretty much a death sentence for the cat. Despite popular belief that cats will just catch and eat mice and somehow survive in hot or freezing weather with no shelter is not only wrong but criminal. Domestic cats are not used to fending for themselves, and too many die of starvation, injury, neglect and disease.

However, the BEST thing anyone can do with a cat that is no longer wanted is to take it to the Monadnock Kitty Rescue or a decent shelter. This gives the cat a chance to be adopted by someone who will love it and keep it happy and healthy and with all the necessary vet visits. It is also highly recommended that, when adopting a pet, you have them microchipped so that should they get lost, they have nearly a 99% chance of getting home safely.

The Monadnock Kitty Rescue is truly a labor of love. If you can afford even a $5 donation, it means the world to these amazing volunteers who care so tenderly for these deserving cats. Every dollar goes toward keeping the shelter going and keeping the cats well cared for, healthy and safe. The Crankee Yankee and I plan to donate often to help keep this dedicated shelter running. If you choose to donate to them, please know that we are donating right there with you.

You will never regret helping these sweet and deserving cats. Please spread the word about this wonderful shelter, and please help out if you can. I don’t usually use my blog to ask for donations or help for organizations such as this, but if you could see this merciful haven for these sweet cats, your heart would be moved as mine was. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

*Monadnock Kitty Rescue & Adoption
Jaffrey, NH
(603) 532-9444

Hours are as follows:

Saturday 9AM–1PM
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 6–9PM
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 6–9PM
Friday Closed


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