Radiation Buddies

Today I will have my last radiation treatment for my DCIS. In a few weeks I will be meeting with my doctor to discuss whether or not to take Tamoxifan as a final weapon against cancer.

While the radiation has made me tired and listless many times, it has been a positive blessing. Not only have the nurses been angels to me, but I have also made friends, or “radiation buddies” in this process. As we sit there in our hospital gowns, waiting to be taken in for radiation, we have time to chat and get to know each other.

My favorite person I’ve met is Sue, a lady who is a few years older than I am. She has been a joy to know, and I have loved our talks. We have laughed together and commiserated together. We have talked about our families and our hobbies and our lives. She has lifted me up with her humor, courage and outlook on life, and she has made each and every day a joy for me.

Because of Sue, I actually looked forward to my treatments each day. She has been through this a few times before, and her experience and knowledge greatly helped me as this was my first time having radiation therapy. Just knowing that I would see her every day made my day.

We may never know everything about those we meet in our lives, but having them in our lives, even for a few weeks, is life-changing. Sue made the all the difference for me during those 20 days of radiation therapy.

We are all in this life together, and even cancer cannot keep us from looking forward, making friends, and laughing together. Sue helped me through more than she will ever know. I will never forget her and her beautiful spirit.

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