Happy Mothers’ Day!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers everywhere! There are mothers who give birth to their own children, mothers who adopt children and make them their own, and there are mothers who do not have children but mother the people and animals in their lives.

“Mothering” can be for children, relatives, friends, pets and those in need. Mothering is a kindness and a pledge of love to all those in our lives whom we love and care for. Mothering is a delicate balance of unconditional love, kindness and forgiveness, strength and comfort, dependability, caring and tolerance. With all this comes a very necessary sense of humor and the sense to know when to stand firm or overlook.

A mother is a soft place to fall. A mother may despair of some of the things we do or when we mess up, but they don’t give up on us. A mother can and will stand firm on what is right and good for their children.

A mother will back up those they love fiercely, and, when those they love do the wrong thing, a mother may be heartbroken about it, but will enforce the necessary punishment for the good of her child. (What the child may never know is how many tears she will shed for having to be the “bad guy,” but she knows deep in her heart that there are consequences for doing the wrong thing.)

Never having been a mother myself, I tend to mother my granddaughters unconditionally. I do the same with my friends, the Crankee Yankee and all of our cats. Mothering need not be biological, but it is a state of mind. We also need to mother ourselves from time to time.

“Mother” is both a noun and a verb. Which ever one we are, take the time today especially to mother in whatever way we can. For me personally, today and every day I remember and honor my own mother, my grandmother, my mother-in-law, and my god mother. They have blessed me forever with their love and their very being. I love them with every beat of my heart.



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