Ava’s Awesome Earrings

Our oldest granddaughter, Ava, who just turned 7, loves to make things. When I introduced her to making earrings, she took to them as though she had been making them for years. I supplied her with beads and earring findings, and showed her how to put the parts together. Within minutes, she picked it right up, and started making some pretty terrific earrings. Her color combinations are remarkable, too; she puts colors together that you would never think of—but they work.

Each time we’ve been together, we always end up using up everything. So the last visit we had I brought loads of beads and findings for her. Now, when my mother was making jewelry, she was fanatical about putting everything in its proper place; she had lots of segmented boxes for each type and color of bead. She did the same with the earring headpins and wires. Everything was neatly organized to a T.

My own jewelry makings area is a mess. The most I can say is that I keep the colors in separate boxes, but everything else is a hodge-podge. I know it’s very un-Feng Shui, but that’s how I am.

However, I felt that I should at least make an effort to keep Ava’s bits and pieces in order. So the last time we went up to visit, I carefully packaged each type of beads and findings into little plastic bags. When I gave them to her, she promptly opened every bag, and dumped everything into her pink plastic jewelry box, and then swirled them all around. I bit my tongue before I said anything about organization; I realized that she, like me, has her own way of doing things. She much prefers rooting around in there to find what she needs wqhen she needs it.

I had to laugh because all I could think of was how my mother would have hated that! But we are all different, we are all doing things the way we want to do them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Ava is every bit as creative as me or my mother, and she is doing it her way. I love her free spirit! I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts her own business some day. Personally, in my own mind I call them “Ava’s Awesome Earrings.” But that’s up to her to decide.

The main truth is, I love that kid to absolute pieces (and her little sister, too), and I am one of her main cheerleaders. I am all for her to do things her own way, and I applaud her unique take on everything from making earrings to just being amazing.

And you know what? That’s more than enough. 🙂


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