It Really Is OK to Put Yourself First

This is part of a post I published a few years ago, but it still stands today: it really is ok to put yourself first now and then. You do not have to take the back seat each and every day, you do not have to always put yourself last, and most of all; you DESERVE to put yourself first now and then!

The following are some good examples of putting yourself first:

Take that last piece of pizza.

Watch the TV show YOU want to watch.

Turn up your nose at that burned slice of toast; throw it to the birds and make yourself a fresh one.

Go get yourself a manicure/pedicure/massage/bubble bath/whatever tickles your fancy.

Have an adventure.

Go see a movie you really want to see; don’t wait for someone else to agree to go with you–just GO.

Treat yourself to one of those fancy-schmancy lattes.

Buy yourself a box of really good chocolates and eat them all.

Go hide somewhere with a favorite book, and don’t come out until you want to.

Remember that funky ring you saw for $30? Go buy it and wear it.

Embrace your own awesomeness!

Turquoise, red, purple and green tooled leather clogs? If you love them (more importantly, if your FEET love them), buy them before someone else does.

…and go and do all those things you want to do, but have been delaying in order to put someone else first.

(And please note that I am NOT going to qualify all the above with some politically-correct statement about being responsible, blah, blah, blah–you know what I’m talking about. I know you’re not going to steal food from your children, spend the car payment money on a new pair of leather boots, etc. This is just a reminder that it is perfectly fine for you to make yourself Number One for a change.)

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