Naked Dancing and Dusting

No, we did not go to a dance-and-dust bar; we visited our granddaughters yesterday and had a great time. Ava, who just turned 7, has become an earring making maven since I taught her how to make earrings. She can’t get her ears pierced until she is 10, but when that day comes, she will have a ton of earrings to wear. She also likes gifting people she likes with her earrings.

So she and I made earrings until lunchtime; she put the color schemes together (and the kiddo has some pretty great color combinations), and I did the finish work.

While this was going on, Juliette, who recently turned 2, gave her grandfather the time of his life. She couldn’t stop hugging him and playing with him; honestly, he became her willing slave. The two of them, plus Juliette’s and Ava’s parents, went downstairs to the basement to play kickball and watch Juliette on her new little trampoline. Ava and I kept on making earrings.

We cleaned up shop to get ready to go to lunch at Ava’s favorite diner. We had a ball there, as well as great food. Juliette loved spinning all the counter seats, and was a live wire all through lunch. We then went out for ice cream at a great place right near the water. We all went out back to enjoy the view, and, all charged up with sugar, Ava and Juliette started racing around. Their mom turned it into a track meet, timing each girl. They loved it, and we applauded on the sidelines.

When all of us were completely worn out and ice cream smeared, we hugged and kissed each other goodbye and went to our respective homes. It was a great day all around. Later that evening we called to thank them for lunch and for a wonderful day. Ava’s and Juliette’s mom said that as soon as they got home, the girls took off their clothes and started dusting furniture¬†and dancing!

Granted, it was a warm day, and they were both hot and sticky. So before bathtime they unilaterally decided to dust all the furniture. Evidently that lead to dancing while dusting, and their mom and dad got a big laugh out of it.

For years I’ve listened to proud grandparents brag about their grandchildren; I get it now. These amazing little people with whom we fell in love as babies, are now these delightful children who make our lives full and complete. Everything they say and do amazes me, and I am hopelessly, helplessly and absolutely in love with them.

But as for naked dancing and dusting, I’ll leave that to them.

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