What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

I’ll admit it; I am a worrier. I worry about things that will probably never happen. I am always worried that some lamp or fixture or wire or bulb will just spontaneously burst into flame and burn the house down. I even turn off the overhead fans when I leave the house, just in case they also decide to burst into flame.

I lock the doors while inside the house just in case an axe murderer decides to walk into the house. I tuck lamp wires and air cleaner wires out of the way so that the cats don’t chew on them, and subsequently burst into flame.

Or how about this: someone for some strange reason, smuggles in a pair of those horrifically huge spiders from Australia and they get loose and make MORE horrifically huge spiders. Then one of them finds our house and breaks the door down because somehow in the spider hot line, they find out how much they scare me.

How about if I finally get over my fear of flying (I have not flown since 9/11), get on a plane and then the plane crashes? And of course I would not be wearing a parachute.

Now the latest scary thing that has actually happened is that three of the five cats each trotted up to me with a tiny mouse in their jaws last night. (Hey, it’s an old house, and there are probably holes or mouse-entry cracks we haven’t yet found to plug.) As always, I tell them what good mousers they are, and I cajole the mice out of their mouths and into my never-fail mouse catcher Dixie cups (one holding the mouse and the other acts as a lid over the mouse).

And as always, I took the mice outside and asked them politely not to come back to the house as we have five cats. I walked across the street to the juniper jungle, and let them go. I sure do hope they listened to me.

Seriously, fears can cripple us into never doing anything or going anywhere for fear that the worst might happen. I tend to make fun of my worries; that makes them a lot less scary, plus odds are that NONE of these things I’ve mentioned will ever happen. If I am having a hard time getting to sleep because my mind is too focused on my fears, I swat them back by thinking ‘nope, not gonna happen.’

Mostly that works. If not, I call on my old pal, Archangel Michael, the roughest, toughest bad-ass angel of all. I ask him politely to please take any upsetting thoughts out of my head so that I can get a good night’s sleep. Bless his angelic heart, that seems to work.

If you too suffer from worries or anxieties, try asking Archangel Michael to help out. He’s fast, efficient and he won’t laugh at your fears.

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