Moon Rise

Last night there was a beautiful full moon in the sky. As we have had off and on rain for a few days, the moon rose up through the silvery curtains of the clouds. When it finally broke free, it was radiant.

I have loved the moon all my life, and when it is at its fullest, it is truly glorious. Each stage of the moon; crescent, half, three quarter, full—all are lovely and evocative. I can’t remember when I didn’t love the moon.

When there is a full moon, I can usually see only one star far below it. It is just as if the stars themselves pay homage to the full moon by letting it have its own space. I know many people who wish on stars; I wish on the moon.

Years ago I was lucky enough to work with the Barnstormers the summer I graduated from high school. It was a wonderful theater group in Tamworth, NH, directed by a wonderful man, Francis Cleveland. During the week we put on “Our Town,” there was a full moon.

As we all walked home that evening after the show, two of the older actresses stopped and looked up at the moon for a long time. One said to the other, “it’s just not the same since they walked on it, is it?”

She may have been right, but even today the full moon is just as beautiful, mysterious and captivating as ever. We now know that there are possibly hundreds of millions of universes, trillions upon trillions of stars and moons; more than we can possibly imagine. But for us on our own little blue planet, the moon is a reassuring presence that promises not to leave us.

Take a moment tonight to enjoy the full moon; it’s well worth a look.



One thought on “Moon Rise

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Thanks, Jane–it was an amazing sight last!

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