The Gifts We Are Given

Ever wonder about where true gifts come from? Why are some people born with the talent to paint glorious pictures? Why are some people gifted with a beautiful singing voice? Why do some people start dancing at an early age and make names for themselves on Broadway? Why are some people born writers and artists and singers and teachers and doctors and nurses and explorers and so on?

I have always been fascinated with Mozart and his music. Even as a little boy, he had heavenly music in his soul, and all of his works are magnificent. Look at Stephen Hawking, who lived for so long in a helpless, frozen body, but whose incredible mind unlocked so many mysteries!

Gifts and talents come to us for different reasons. Some of us will receive world acclaim for our achievements, some of us will simply be unfailingly kind to people in a quiet way that uplifts everyone they meet. Some people are meant to be in a world spotlight for their talents; some people are simply angels who quietly minister to others. The world may never know of them, but the people they touch will never forget them.

Some of us strive all of our lives to use our talents in the best possible way. Some of us may become wealthy beyond our wildest dreams; some may find a ten dollar bill on the ground and count themselves lucky.

So where do these gifts come from? I believe that our gifts come with us into this life, and it is up to us to grow these gifts. It may be as simple as caring for a loved one, comforting a friend, adopting a pet that no one else wanted, and so on. There are those with gifts of pure compassion who help ‘behind the scenes.’ Then there are billionaires who give much of their fortunes to those in need.

But it is the artists of this world who lift our spirits, and help us to see beauty in all of its heart-breaking glory. Some of the finest artists in the world do not come to their talent easily. Certainly there are those who find instant fame, and others who slowly grow into their full potential.

The gifts we have been given are meant to be shared and appreciated. We may never know whose lives we touch with our gifts, but the whole point of having gifts is to share them. The gifts we are given may be slow to develop, but the seeds are still there to be nourished if we choose to do so.

Some artists are given gifts so large that they often do not know how to live with them. They ask why their path is so hard, and why they can’t seem to master their talent, or worse: wonder if their talent is worthwhile. These are the artists who persist in honing their crafts and are being inspired to do so.

The way we manage and grow our talents and gifts is a “thank you” to our creator. Our gifts may give us pleasure or torture us by the effort it takes to live with them. But they are gifts that require us to be everything that we can be; to inspire others and to share our gifts with the world.


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