No More Trampolines for Me

Our granddaughters love those trampoline party spots where kids can have their birthday parties which includes, of course, jumping on trampolines. When our oldest granddaughter had her 6th birthday last year, we were invited. The Crankee Yankee had a wonderful time on the trampolines with the kids, but I couldn’t because of a recent knee revision.

I thought, ‘that’s ok; once this is healed I’ll be jumping with them all!’ However, in getting my one year knee checkup I asked the doc if I could jump on trampolines, thinking that he would say, “sure! You’re good to go!”

But no, I was not and never will be good to go on a trampoline again. Evidently people can seriously injure the bones above and below the knee replacement or, in my case, the knee revision. It’s just too risky, so I’ve crossed that pleasure out of my life.

Which made me think: what things did I used to do that I can’t (or shouldn’t do) do now? Well, there’s bike riding, but years of karate and two torn rotator cuffs put that out of the picture. There is climbing trees, which I loved to do when I was a child. I don’t remember when I stopped climbing them, but know I won’t be climbing another one.

Then I began thinking of all the things I can do that I couldn’t when I was younger:

  • I can read several books at a time.
  • I can write every day.
  • I can now cook nearly as well as my mom did.
  • I can sing without judging myself.
  • I can now play the ukulele.
  • I can finally make that haunting deep growling sound on my digeridoo.
  • I can still dance hula (carefully, though).
  • I can listen to another person’s perspective on things without interrupting, even if I disagree.
  • I can have compassion now where I used to have impatience and ignorance.
  • I can play with my granddaughters.
  • I can laugh with the Crankee Yankee every day.
  • I can still walk the path around our pond and enjoy every step.
  • I survived breast cancer (DCIS) twice and no longer fear it.
  • I can be the master of my moods.
  • I can still feel young inside.

And the list goes on and on. I no longer mope about things I can no longer do. I celebrate all those things that I can do. I have come to accept my looks, my attitudes, my failings and my successes by now. They are all learning experiences. Isn’t that what we are here for?

I have learned to look forward, not backward. Certainly we learn from the past, but dwelling on things we cannot change serves no purpose. When there are hurtful things in our past, we can either choose to let them go on infecting us, or we can choose to dig them up, expose them to the light of day and let them go as the learning experiences that they are.

Besides, it is TODAY that matters. TODAY is where we are, and all we have lived through is the defining fire that forged who we are right now. And besides, if I still could jump on  a trampoline, I would miss watching my granddaughters jump on theirs. And I wouldn’t miss that for anything.

One thought on “No More Trampolines for Me

  1. Jodi says:

    thank you for these beautiful important thoughts Jane!

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