What Matters Most

In the days where snow and high winds (and isn’t that just March all over?) makes everyone worry about losing power and wonder when the heck Spring will come—that’s when I think about what matters most.

In the “it could be worse” list, there are these:

  • We could have had one of our trusty old trees fall on our roof and crack it open like an egg during the recent strong winds—but it didn’t.
  • We could have been living in a house near the ocean when all the floods ruined so many homes—but we don’t live near the ocean.
  • Any one of our five cats could have gotten out of the house in a careless moment and got lost—but none of them did.
  • When the Crankee Yankee, despite having a flu shot, came down with the flu so badly that I feared for his life—he came through it just fine.
  • When our youngest granddaughter was born and had to spend weeks in the NICU with her mother and her older sister by her side—she survived AND thrived.
  • When I lost my mother in 2015, and my dad in 2017, I thought I would never get over it—but I did get though the pain. I will never forget, but the grief for the most part is over, leaving a sweetness of memories and laughter that comforts me daily.

There are more, but you get the picture. So many of the bad things we fear never do happen. We know that of course anything can happen at any time, but why worry in advance? (Note: this is a lesson I keep on learning).

These days the Crankee Yankee and I think of and voice these things:

  • We are so lucky to have found each other mid-life and that we now have a life together.
  • We have our family; the Crankee Yankee’s younger brother and his wife (who is also my best friend). We have the Crankee Yankee’s daughter and her family, we have dear friends here in the state, in Maine, Massachusetts, Alabama, and all the way to California. We have neighbors we care for, and of course we have all of our strays and “outdoorsies” to feed and shelter.
  • We have a roof over our heads, a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in, we have food and water and lights and warmth, and so much more. Oh yes, and a new computer that hopefully won’t crash anytime soon!
  • We have laughter and love and joy and gratitude.
  • We love “third grade-ish” jokes and silly videos.
  • We are well aware that we have more years behind us than ahead of us, and we cherish the time we have.

When you think about it, there is so much good that it can even overcome a devastating life event. When so many places in the world were nearly obliterated in the hurricanes and so many lost everything, there still was hope. I remember seeing on TV one woman cleaning up what was left of her home. She was asked how she and all her neighbors were doing. Her response? She smiled and said, “we have LIFE!”

YES! We have life!

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