A Truly Relaxing Sunday

The Crankee Yankee and I had every intention of cleaning the house last Sunday; vacuuming especially was in order. With five cats and an old house that quite literally bleeds dust everywhere, vacuuming on a regular basis is critical.

Not only that, but I promised that I would clean the bathroom as well. Understand, our downstairs bathroom can be cleaned top to bottom in less than 15 minutes since it’s so small. I did manage to run a load of dishes in the dishwasher, and I also liberated four “science projects” in the ‘fridge. While I do keep a white board on the door stating what eatables are in there, some do slip under the radar. (Enough said…..phew!)

We had planned to dedicate ourselves to vacuum the rugs and the floors, and to dust and polish the furniture. (Oh, and I did make up the bed, but then I always do so I suppose that doesn’t really count.)

However, the Crankee Yankee found the British program “Top Gear” on TV, and the vacuuming, dusting and polishing were rescheduled for another day. Why? Well, because it is arguably the funniest show I have ever seen (look it up and watch an episode; you will either laugh until you wet yourself or roll your eyes and say ‘what a total waste of time!’). Personally I find that most things British are hilarious, but then again I grew up with Doctor Who and Monty Python and the Goodies.

I can honestly say that both of us have never laughed so hard and so long in our lives. All the cats just looked at us and then took naps, probably thinking ‘stupid humans.’ Both of us laughed until the tears were pouring down our faces. (BTW, I am laughing right now as I write this).

Eventually we got around to cleaning, but the laughter was far more important than cleaning at the time. It’s all about the priorities!



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