Our Old Computer is Dead—Long Live the New Computer!

Well, it was bound to happen; our old desktop computer had finally slipped its mortal coil, taken the big dirt nap and has gone to the happy hunting grounds. In short, our old desktop finally bit the dust.

So we now have a wonderful new Apple computer with an enormous screen. Our faithful IT guy got it all set up for us and we are still learning the machinations of our new computer. However, here’s what I always think of when I am faced with something new in my life: My Two Weeks At the Bakery.

When I was a teenager I worked at our local bakery for two weeks at the end of one summer. It was run by a man and his wife who had absolutely no sense of humor. Oh, now and then the wife would utter a low ‘hah-hah-hah’ now and then, but they both were focused on their work. Everyone from miles around loved that bakery; everything from donuts to pies to muffins to bread and fancy cakes were sold there. They also made fabulous cookies, and each kind of cookie was priced differently.

As the place was always packed, there was no time to go looking up the price of a chocolate walnut cookie vs. an oatmeal raisen cookie; you just had to memorize them. Which is exactly what I did; I never thought I could do it—the bakery sold dozens of different cookies. But I did do it; I managed to remember each and every price of each and every cookie.

From that time on, whenever I had a hard job or task to do, I would remember how I memorized all those cookies. Then I would say to myself, ‘well, if I could memorize the prices of all those damned cookie, I can do THIS!’

Which is exactly what I’m doing now; learning how to navigate this wonderful new computer. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Our Old Computer is Dead—Long Live the New Computer!

  1. Diane Kirkup says:

    So so happy you got yourself a new computer … I have no doubt you will master it … nibble on it like the cookies …. and savor in the goodness of not struggling with the old machine!

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