The TV Monitor and Other Unasked For Duties…

Our cat, Bailey (who is #5 in our cat menagerie), was originally my mom’s and dad’s cat. Since their passings, he is now our cat. He has been with us and the other cats for nearly a year, and fits right in with the gang.

That said, he has a habit that none of the others have: he knows exactly where to sit on the TV table to block the signals. He never listens to our “hey—down in front!” pleas, either. For him, it’s the perfect spot to check on everyone, to wash himself, and best of all, to control our entertainment.

We recently found out that Bailey also has another talent: evidently, he can tell time. Now, I don’t mean the kind of time-telling where all the cats decide that it’s meal time. I mean that he walks over us in our bed, takes a long look at the clock, and he knows it’s time for the humans to get a move on.

We have a feeding schedule that works for us all: 9am and 3pm, then 9pm and 3am (luckily, the Crankee Yankee usually handles that last one!). The cats know this, and if we are a few minutes late, they let us know it.

Bailey can emit an ear-splitting howl that wakes up everyone. No one sleeps through it. He also enjoys having what we call a “nightly nutty.” This means that, for no reason we can see, Bailey starts tearing around the house in the evening, and up and down the stairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs where his voice really carries, he will howl his head off so that we ALL can enjoy it…

The other cats are kind of nonplussed about it; they all just look at each other, and shrug in a mutual “meh.”

It’s amazing how cats’ facial expressions can let you know exactly how they feel. All cats seem to do this; they know which expressions will “work” their humans. If we are on the couch, enjoying a cup of frozen yoghurt in the evening, Bailey will park his butt as close to us as possible. Then he does his patented “oh, look at the cute kitty!” look: he looks at the cup and tilts his head over to one side appealingly. It’s mighty hard to resist, and no one knows this better than Bailey.

Well, what can you do? There is an old saying, which we know from our own cat family is absolutely true: “Cats were once revered in Egypt as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”

And, yes—we completely understand that we are the slaves, not the masters. We’re all used to it….


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