The Morning Sludge

If you read my posts on a regular basis, you’ll know that the Crankee Yankee and I have five cats. Oh, it didn’t happen all at once, but still; we have five cats. They are pretty smart, too. They can’t read nor can they tell time, but they definitely know when it’s time to be fed.

We have a schedule for feeding, and they have learned it well. In the 24 hours of each day, they have four feeding times: 9-ish in the morning, 3-ish in the afternoon, and repeat for night-time. The 9’s are kibble inly, and the 3’s are  special wet food that helps their digestion (meaning less vomiting, and less clean-up of such).

It’s almost like having quintuplets in the house; after a while, you just wake up at 3am, stagger to the kitchen and start opening cans. Although I am grateful to the heart that it is usually the Crankee Yankee who gets up to feed everyone at that time, there is this:

After opening the cans, distributing the food, the empties are put in the sink with hot water to loosen up the food bits in them. By the time the sun is up, there is a goodly amount of “cat food sludge” in the bottom of the little mesh doohicky in the sink. This is where the *Alponium odor happens. And it STINKS.

Granted, when the Crankee Yankee feeds them, I don’t have to get up. The cats are  happy, and often some of them clean out their bowls, which the Crankee Yankee kindly puts in the sink to soak. So when I get up, that’s what greets me; the smell of Alponium in the morning….pre-coffee, yet!

Ah well, it could be worse. We could be living with a pack of huge great Danes or a pot-bellied pig wearing diapers. Plus, there is the “cute factor” that all the cats share; they are at their most adorable when it’s time to eat. I think it’s the same sort of genetic thing that babies and toddlers have; the innate ability to drive you nuts and then melt your heart.

And then there you are, in the grip of a massive wave of cuteness. I’d say more, but it’s time to clean up the Alponium sludge…

*Alponium is the distinct aroma that goes up your nose when you open a can of cat or dog food. It isn’t on the periodic table either, and I can’t remember who said it first. But you’ll know it when you smell it…

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