*Tall Food


What is it about the restaurants that serve you tall food? I really thought that this “high rise” food presentation was over by now. If restaurants are going to stack up their food this way, then they ought to have their menu read like this:

The Amazing Burger: “four delicious 8-ounce burgers interspersed with jalapenos, bacon, cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, fried onion rings, lettuce, tomato slices, more bacon, peppers, pickles, roast beef, more cheese, BBQ sauce, more roast beef, and a fried chicken breast, all on a warm bun. Height: 15 inches.”

That way you’d know that you are going to have to eat this sucker with a knife and fork.

The Crankee Yankee and I went out to eat last night at a new place in our town, and while the food was excellent, the height of the entrees was, well—tall. As I like to get a taste of everything in one bite, it’s a real challenge when you are served a scaled down Lady Liberty of a sandwich.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich that came with cheddar cheese, coleslaw, onion strings and pickles on a seriously large pretzel bun. It was about 5″ tall. There was only one way to eat it—I had to deconstruct it. It all was delicious, but I had to spear each of the different ingredients and eat them separately. FYI, the Crankee Yankee fared better with a blue cheese burger with mashed garlic potatoes on the side. Both were really good, but just—tall.

I realize that those who run this nice new restaurant want to make a name for themselves and serve wonderful food so that people will come back again and again. However, they really should warn folks about the height of their food.

Seriously, do they really think that most people can unhinge their jaws like a king cobra in order to bite into an edible Empire State building of food? We were sitting in a great spot where we could watch the chefs make the food. When everything was plated, they put it up on the counter under the lights. This way we got to see a lot of entrees; most of them tall and large.

For example, their nacho appetizer was roughly the size of a small dingy belonging to the Carnival Cruise line. The fish and chips entree featured a fried fish fillet roughly the size of one of the Celtics players’ sneakers. Some of the salads were piled up on a small, teetering plate that came close to touching the lights.

So, yes, the food was great (if tall), and we will definitely go there again. However, we will know next time to wear our hard hats while eating in the “deconstruction” area.




One thought on “*Tall Food

  1. Jodi says:

    all sounds delish nonetheless – I think they like to make it unique and interesting

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