Christmas Aftermath

We had a fairly large snow fall on Christmas day, so we talked with the Crankee Yankee’s daughter and unilaterally decided to visit them on another day as they live two hours away in the wilds of Maine. In the background we heard the grandgirls squealing and ripping open packages, so this way they’ll get a second Christmas.

We never even got out of our pajamas; just lay around the house eating Christmas cookies and drinking endless cups of coffee, snoozing and watching TV (lucky me; there was a Doctor Who marathon on ALL day!), and generally being a pair of slugs.

The cats lay around with us, snoring and sleeping after chasing their new toys. Among all the naughty things we ate were these:

  • “Sweet braids,” a doughnut-like confection made by our wonderful South African neighbors (we gave them a pan of homemade apple crisp)
  • Toasted macaroons
  • My wonderful sister-in-law’s (and best friend) butter brickle cookies
  • A delicious *fruitcake
  • a bowl full each of the traditional **Christmas chowder we make every Christmas
  • various appetizer-y things like crackers and pub cheese, mixed olives and feta cheese and other tasty bits

We contently watched the snow fall, and enjoyed the sight of cats lying contently around the house. Later on when the snow lightened up, the Crankee Yankee put on his snowshoes, and went out back to make “cat trails” for the strays and various indoor/outdoor neighbor cats. There were paths to the feeding station he built; a three-tier structure, plexi-glassed in on three sides.

The top shelf has a good-sized tray of birdseed and a bowl of water for the birds and squirrels. The middle shelf has two trays of cat kibble and one pan of water. The “ground floor” has a pan each of kibble and water, plus a cozy wooden box filled with warm fleece. This accommodation is for those who are too shy to sleep under our porch.

Under our porch, we keep four wooden cat beds, filled with fleece. On top of each one is a special self-heating “cat mat;” when the cat sits on it, the heat from its body is radiated back up to them from the special insert inside the mat; no wires needed!

This space is walled in so that any visitors are sheltered from wind and weather, and the door is always braced open a few inches so that our “guests” can come and go as they please. We keep food and water under there as well, so we call it the “Fraser Bed & Breakfast.” (And yes, we ARE idiots for those shy but worthy free-loaders!)

So, one more magical Christmas has passed, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. This morning Christmas music is still playing, and it’s a nice counter-point to a beautiful winter day. So, as Tiny Tim (from Charles Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol”) was wont to say, “God bless us, every one!”

*We are some of the few people on earth who love fruitcake, fruitcakes that we are.

**This is a tradition that my grandmother started; it’s a lovely creamy seafood chowder made with clams, oysters, shrimp, scallops, and crab meat.

(Of course, it’s a caloric nightmare; bacon, whole milk and cream, and lots of butter, but since it’s only once a year, what’s the harm?)

When my grandmother died, my mom took over and made it each Christmas Eve. When she no longer wanted to mess with it, I took up the flag. Now it is a tradition and call it  “Christmas Eve Chowder.”


4 thoughts on “Christmas Aftermath

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, Jane. I like the chowder tradition!

    I am about to bundle up and take kibble across the street to the stray/feral/or/abandoned cats who live there–I am worried about them as temps dip below zero this week. I am going to look up the heat-reflecting mats you described and see if I can’t get a couple for their lair!

    • lulujbf7 says:

      Hi Pam,
      Here’s where you can get the cat mats:

      “Milliard Thermal Cat Mat / Self Heating to keep Your Pet Warm and Reversible and Washable for Easy Maintenance – 21in x 17in
      Sold by: Nilmee”

      This is on Amazon, and they also come in a larger size as well. As long as the cat’s “under carriage” is warm, they will stay toasty. We use either wooden boxes or sturdy cardboard boxes lined with old towels and/or fleece, with the mats on top. This should keep the ferals cozy.

      Bless you for caring for them!


  2. Jodi says:

    a beautiful Plan B Christmas!!! ❤

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