Sweeping Up After the Elephants

Anyone who lives with another person or persons knows this; there is always someone whose job it is to “sweep up after the elephants.” The following comes from the blog, Glenn Miller Writes:

“Sometimes, during bad times or moments, my career reminded me of the fellow who worked for a circus.

He wasn’t the ringmaster or trapeze artist or lion tamer. He wasn’t even a clown. His job was to follow the parade down the main street of each new town the circus entered and clean up after the elephants, shoveling steaming piles of dung into buckets.

The fellow wasn’t crazy about the job and his friends knew it. So one day he was asked why he didn’t just quit.

‘What, and give up show business?’ the fellow exclaimed.”

Taking this to a more personal level, in any living arrangement with other humans, there is always a designated “sweeper.” This is the person who gets up early to make the coffee, empties the dishwasher, throws out the “science experiments” in the refrigerator, cleans the crumbs out of the toaster, wipes up the cat or dog vomit, cleans out the disgusting sink stopper that reeks of *Alponium, and so on.

It isn’t a pleasant job, especially when you know that all that work will have to be done the very next day; sometimes the very next hour. If you live with more than one other person, hopefully the chores are set up fairly and are done on a regular basis. It is hoped that none of the occupants have amnesia.

I would write more, but I have to get my bucket and shovel and get to work….

*Alponium is the distinct aroma that goes up your nose when you open a can of cat or dog food. It isn’t on the periodic table either, and I can’t remember who said it first. But it’s a real thing, and it STINKS!

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