What Happens to Your Pet(s) if Something Happens to YOU?

The Crankee Yankee and I were traveling one day, and suddenly I thought: what if something happened to us? What would happen to our cats? When we travel I always email my sister-in-law/ best friend when we are leaving and when we expect to get home. Then we email once we do get home. Great idea, but what if something happened and we couldn’t come home?

I started searching for answers, and came across the http://www.2ndchance4pets.org website. It is a great source of practical information, and also has paperwork you can fill out to have on file for the safekeeping and placement of your pets should something happen to you.

Most of us assume that we will outlive our pets, but this doesn’t always happen. I encourage everyone reading this to check out www.2ndchance4pets.org. It is a practical way to start the process of making sure that your pets are safe, cared for and loved.

Back on September 11, 2001, over 800 pets lost their people. I don’t know about you, but it chilled me to read that; both for the loss of so many, and for their animals. So, just in case, it’s good to think about how to make sure that our pets will be looked after should something happen to us.

The paperwork readily available on this site explains how to leave a gift (i.e., money toward the care, feeding and upkeep of your pets, how to put this in a will, and so on) so that those caring for the pets will have some help with their care.

As with other “must-do” things in life such as having a will, making sure that all necessary documents and information is readily available for who come after us, this is peace of mind just having a plan in place. As with any plans, remember that this is one of those “just in case” scenarios. This way you will have the comfort of knowing that, should something happen, your pets will be cared for.

As I always say: “Be prepared—NOT scared!”

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