Right Brain vs. Left Brain

If you have not heard of the hilarious American comic,*Jeanne Robertson, look her up online. She’s a lovely lady in her 70s, and one of her best loved stories is “Never send a man to do the grocery shopping.”

She mentions that she keeps “death cakes” in her freezer, because at her age, she loses  friends, neighbors or acquaintances frequently. As she is also a Southerner, she knows that everyone, even in the midst of sorrow, can appreciate a good “death cake” (a very buttery and lemony pound cake).

She usually kept a dozen or so of them in the freezer, but as there had been several deaths lately, she realized she needed to make some more “just in case.” She had all the ingredients except for these five:

  1. shortening
  2. butter
  3. eggs
  4. lemon extract
  5. vanilla extract

As she was waiting for an important phone call, she asked her husband (whom she always refers to as “Left Brain”) to please pick up these ingredients.

When he returned, he unloaded the following: one can of shortening, two pounds of butter, three cartons of eggs, four bottles of lemon extract and five bottles of vanilla extract. (See where this is going?)

She asked him why he thought she meant “one of this, two of that,” and so on; he replied, “well, they were numbered.”

That right there is one example of the female brain vs. the male brain. Seriously, they are wired completely different than we women. Once we understand this, we can work with it. But there will always be times when it catches you by surprise.

Anyone need some lemon or vanilla extract? Jeanne’s got plenty!

*Check out her insanely funny videos; just type in “Jeanne Robertson.” And you’d better pee first.




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