A friend is a friend to the very end;

A lifelong pal upon whose love you can depend

For uplifting, for hope, for help and for sharing—

Our close friends are our world’s best pairing.

We know each other’s faults and secrets, too,

We know the soft and the hard spots; it’s true—

Our friends are ohana; the family we choose—

A strong heart-to-heart bond we that never lose

Our friends are a life-line that pulls us out of despair;

Lifts us and guides us from funk to fresh air

They help us and love us when ourselves we can’t love

They are better even than angels sent from above—

My friends make me rich beyond every measure

My friends are my own world’s greatest treasure.

*Ohana is the Hawaiian word for both family and those whom we choose to be our family. From the movie “Lilo and Stitch,” this quote: “Ohana means family. It means nobody gets left behind.”

One thought on “*Ohana

  1. Jodi says:

    sooo true! love it!

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