No Self Body-Shaming!

Speaking as one who has been critical of her body for years, I can tell you this: self body shaming does NOTHING for you except to make you feel bad. I’ve mentioned before the sneaky but effective way to help break through self-loathing: each and every time you look at yourself in the mirror (or in fact any shiny surface), say out loud (and the “out loud” part is very important!) “*hello, beautiful!”

That’s it. How does that help? Easy—hearing yourself say something positive about yourself causes a new “script” in your head. It may happen after saying “hello, beautiful!” a hundred times, or even ten times—but if you do this each time you see your reflection, your brain changes—-what used to be a put-down slowly but surely becomes a positive message.

Here’s what will happen, sooner or later. If you keep on saying something positive about yourself each and every time you look in the mirror, it becomes a new habit. That new habit, thinking and saying out loud that you are beautiful will gradually push out the self body-shaming.

Words are powerful; bad ones can make you feel awful. Good ones will lift you up. Try it’ it works. And FYI, someone who says mean and snarky things about you is NOT a friend. Be a friend to yourself and keep positive, beautiful!

*This is a technique from the classes given by the fabulous Noreen McDonald, my teacher. Check her out at

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