The Second Robbery

The Crankee Yankee and I live on a street so narrow that there are no sidewalks. There is also a sharp curve in the street, so when the Crankee Yankee has to park his truck in front of our house, it slows traffic down.

Although this may be frustrating for people who love to zoom through a residential street like ours at 40 MPH (speed limit is posted at 25 MPH), it does avoid a lot of accidents. This summer the Crankee Yankee put up a sawhorse in front and in back of the truck, with flashing lights on top. The idea was to give drivers some warning at dusk or nighttime to slow down through the curve.

Also, since many cats and skunks routinely cross our street, he put out “Cat Crossing” and Skunk Crossing” signs on the sawhorses; again, in the hope of slowing folks down.

A few weeks ago, we woke up and found that the sawhorses and signs had been stolen. Now, we are talking about some very old and cheap-to-begin-with sawhorses, and signs that cost a whopping $3 apiece. So it was hardly a big haul. Just the same, we called the police so that there would be a record if it happened again.

Well, this past week, it happened again. The only item taken was one of our blinking lights. I’m not proud to say that I just lost it when I heard that. I broke into tears and told the Crankee Yankee that we could never go anywhere again together if this kind of thing was going to keep happening. All I could think of was ‘what’s going to happen next?‘ The mind can take us places we would rather not go.

When I finally got a grip, anger replaced fear. This petty thievery is probably just kids who thought that our stuff would look cool in their rooms. I know that this happens, but it’s still stealing. We called the police again, so this latest is also on record.

These two incidents are hardly the Great Train Robbery, but it was upsetting. I wish that those who do things like this for a lark would consider how they would feel if something of theirs had gone missing. Does anyone remember the *Golden Rule? Stealing is stealing, plain and simple.

In these times when there is so much fear, hatred and violence seemingly erupting everywhere, even a petty theft is disturbing.

*”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

One thought on “The Second Robbery

  1. Jodi says:

    Likely kids. And that darn sensible logical part of their brain isn’t developed yet. Frustrating.

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