A Perfect Day

The other day the Crankee Yankee and I went to a lobster bake on Cabbage Island, ME. It was a family affair; my step-daughter and her husband and two girls, Ava (6) and Juliette (15 months), and us older folk; our son-in-law’s mom and her boyfriend, and my step-daughter’s mother.

We boarded the “Bennie Alice” ferry boat out of Boothbay Harbor to travel to Cabbage Island. It was one of those perfect summer days; low humidity, bright sun and cool breezes. Everyone on board was having a great time, and there was laughter and chatter everywhere.

Once we got to the island, we were welcomed by all those who were busily steaming lobsters, clams, corn on the cob, potatoes and so on. There were several long tables with benches scattered around outside; some in the sun, some in the shade. Our group chose a shady one facing a beautiful view of the ocean.

Juliette, who hadn’t had a nap that day (and didn’t seem to miss it a bit), was on her feet pattering around, smiling and chuckling. She had a big smile for everyone, and the people nearby were all smiling at her. Her mom and dad took turns playing with her, and she busied herself walking around the table, babbling and giggling.

I have always said that Ava had my heart in her hands by the time she was born. But when “Sissy” came along, I found that my heart can hold both of them. She kept coming up to me and hugging whatever part of me she could, then laughing and toddling off. My grandma name is “Lulu,” and that day for the first time I heard Juliette call me “oo-oo.” Close enough!

Later on, Ava and her dad walked down to the beach. When they returned, Ava came running up and showed me her handful of periwinkle shells and some green beach glass. She looked seriously at me and said, “you give me sea shells and stuff all the time. I want you to have sea shells from me.”

As she filled my hand with some of her treasures, I thanked her and, in my heart thanked the great Divine for the privilege of having these two amazing girls in my life.

It truly was a perfect day, and one I will remember for a long time. As the Crankee Yankee and I drove home, I pictured in my mind what the girls will be like in the years to come. I wonder what their interests will be, what choices they will make, and who they will become.

Most of all I wonder how I came to be this lucky.




2 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. Jodi says:

    So happy for you. There is such joy in being a grandma. I’m 8 months in and completely smitten. ☺️❤️👍👶🏻

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thanks! Aren’t those grandbabies the best? Nobody can turn me into a complete moosh like my grand girls! 🙂

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