Does Anyone Remember Car Talk?

Does anyone remember the NPR radio show, “Car Talk?” It was (and still is) a call-in show where people asked car questions of the two hosts, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, known also as “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.”

I used to listen to this on my way to work years ago, and I can’t tell you how many times I nearly ran off the road laughing. Listeners called in with questions about everything vehicle-related, and often the callers were even funnier than the Magliozzi brothers.

What really made me laugh was their list of “staff members.” Here are just some of them; I hope that they make you laugh as much as I have!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Say them out loud.

I will be posting more of these here and there. Oh, and here are two of the Crankee Yankee’s favorites I promised I’d publish along with the rest:

Dr. Ben Dover and his male nurse, C. Howard Feels…..

Car Talk’s Lesser Known Staff Credits

British Hospitality Advisor Tina Crumpet
Customer Service Specialist Begonia Payne-Diaz
Plumber’s Crack Apologist Lucy Lastic
Obsessive Yard Care Specialist Moses Lonergan

Car Talk’s Official Staff Credits

401K Statement Analysts Douse and Burnham
Accounts Payable Administrator Imelda Czechs
Aegean Caterer Sue Flockey
Accounts Payable Clerk, Moscow Office Dasha Chekhov
Accounts Receivable Supervisor from the Mumbai Office Vishnu Payup
Airline Seat Tester Wilma Butfit
Air Traffic Controller Ulanda U. Lucky
Alaskan Prenuptial Advisor Rush Inuit
 Alignment Inspector  Lou Segusi
 Alternative Fuel Consultant  Amanda Livering Cole
 Anger Management Coach  Kirsten Hollered
Appointment Secretary Stu Earley
Appointment Secretary II Amadeus O. Early
Arbitration Expert Viola Fuss
Art Critic Phyllis Steen
Art Critic II Dot Snice
Asphalt Contractor Luciano Pavearoadi
Assistant Director of Moral Support Hugo Gurll
Assistant to our Make Up Artist Gladys Radio
Assistant to the PR Specialist Lotta B. Essen
Audience Counter Hugh Wake
Audience Estimator Adam Illion
Auto Seat Tester Fitz Matush
Bad Joke Interpreter Nadia Geddit
Bail Bond Provider Freida Gogh
Biblical Scholar Vera Lee Isay
Bob Dylan Specialist I. Shelby Released
Book Critic Odessa Paige Turner
Breathalyzer Administrator Eureka Garlic
Broadway Reviewers Ike and Stan Musicals
Brother in the Military Major Payne-Diaz
Bungee Jumping Instructor Hugo First
Broadcast Philosopher Phillip Airtime
Cabinet Maker L. Ron Cupboard
Caffeine Addiction Counselor Bruno Moore
Car Talk Ice Rink Manager Sam Boney
Car Talk Opera Critic Barbara Seville
Chairman, Federal Lubrication Board Alan Greasepan
Chairman, Math Dept. Horatio Algebra
Chicken Soup Provisioner Kent Hoyt
Chief Accountant Candace B. Rittenoff
Chief Legal Counsel Hugh Louis Dewey of Dewey, Cheetham & Howe
Children’s Music Programmer Al Lowetta
Cliché Monitor Saul Wellingood
Co-Chairmen of Apathy Study Group Ben Thayer, Don Thatt

*From Wikipedia: “Car Talk is a Peabody Award-winning radio talk show broadcast weekly on NPR stations and elsewhere. Its subjects were automobiles and automotive repair, discussed often in a humorous way. It was hosted by brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, known also as “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.”

“The show was produced from 1977 to October 2012, when the Magliozzi brothers retired. Edited reruns (which are introduced as The Best of Car Talk) continue to be available for weekly airing on NPR affiliates, although in July 2016 the network announced its intention to end the broadcasts after September 30, 2017.


2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Remember Car Talk?

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Loved listening to them on NOR when I was commuting!

  2. pamkirst2014 says:

    Ooops–got away before I could correct…NPR, of course!

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