Chasing Fearzola Away

Quite a while ago, I wrote about “Fearzola.” Fearzola was inspired by a dear friend of mine; he is the embodiment of our worst fears. No one ever likes to have him around as he is so negative and causes worry wherever he goes. He can keep us up at night, worrying about all the things that might happen until we feel as though we have a nest of angry bees in our heads.

My friend suggested that, instead of slamming the door in his face and staying up all night worrying, that we simply invite him in to hear what he has to say. More importantly—why he might be saying it. Remembering that greatly helped with what happened the night before last.

Someone stole our two sawhorses we keep behind our vehicles that we park on our side of the street. To make sure that people see them at night, the Crankee Yankee mounted a flashing light on each one, as well as a “Cat Crossing” sign on one, and a “Skunk Crossing” sign on the other. Since many cats and skunks cross our narrow road, we hoped that the signs would remind drivers to slow down.

It isn’t about the sawhorses themselves (they were pretty old and shoddy, but did the trick) or the $3 signs. It’s the fact that someone stole from us. This upset me on many levels; did this mean the beginning of some kind of neighborhood reign of terror? Are we being ‘warned’ by someone who doesn’t like us? Is this a beginning of more robbery or damage to be done?

This little robbery is pretty small change, but I still called it in to our police department. The officer who showed up was supportive, kind and courteous. He told us that we are well within our rights to park on our side of the street, and felt that the sawhorses and lights were a good idea, especially at night. He felt that the robbery was either just some kids pranking, or that someone is angry at us for causing them to slow down when driving on our street.

So why don’t we simply park our vehicles in the driveway? Our driveway is currrently filled with crushed stone, a Bagster, and a homemade work table for the Crankee Yankee. I asked him if he would consider moving that last to the back yard, and he agreed, and did it. I then asked him if he would consider parking the truck (which is bigger than my car) in the driveway to make it easier and perhaps less angry-making to those who travel on our street (usually much too fast). We are still debating that one. But for now, my car is in the driveway.

I am a peace maker, and I don’t like arguing and fighting. I try hard not to provoke anyone, especially considering how angry everyone seems to be right now. However,the fact that this very minor thievery happened disturbs me and makes me angry.

Luckily, the same dear friend of mine helped me through my initial anger and fear. What I learned from her is to stop and take a good, long look at the fear, anger and frustration: hear it. Own it. Live it. Feel it. Doing these things helped me to level out, and see the situation clearly. When things like this happen, it is a violation of our nerves, our peace of mind, our faith in people, and our own vulnerabilities.

It was only two old and beat-up sawhorses and two $3 signs. But it initially felt like a violation of my peace of mind, not to mention my already-shaky faith in people. However, I decided that I will not let this make me fearful. I will not let this destroy my peace of mind, or let fear keep me in the house 24/7 to watch over it.

And yes, we are going to get more sawhorses and more signs. As far as I know, this is still a free country. And grumpy old Fearzola can take a hike.


2 thoughts on “Chasing Fearzola Away

  1. Jodi says:

    Great perspective.

  2. Diane Kirkup says:

    well written and shared Jane 🙂

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