When in Doubt…

When you are in deepest doubt

As to what the world is all about

And as to where our place is—

Know this: your eyes are always where your face is.

As long as both are looking forward

And do not see anything untoward

Then think not on the bad things,

The disturbing and the what-if things—

They will sort themselves out

I have no doubt.

And when troubles come our way

And there is nothing hopeful to say,

Then let’s push on and let go the worry

The angst, the heartache, and all the flurry—

*This, too, shall pass,

So raise your glass

To future joy and gladness

Sandwiched thickly between any hurt and sadness.

If you have spoken too quickly,

Laid on your sorrows too thickly

It was most likely best to say it

To the right person and pray it

Will work out for the best

As we are often put to the test

Of life’s ups and downs,

Smiles and frowns—

Just believe that your words came to the right ear

With no judgement, worry or fear—

Love divine is always with you

Pure and powerful, strong and true.

Sleep well, sleep deeply

And know that you are loved completely.

*From Wikipedia:

This too shall pass” is an English-language adage reflecting on the evanescence, or ephemerality, of the human condition. While the general sentiment is often expressed in wisdom literature throughout history and across cultures, this particular phrasing appears to date to the early 19th century, appearing in a collection of tales by the English poet Edward Fitzgerald. It was notably employed in a speech by Abraham Lincoln before he became the sixteenth President of the United States.

Fitzgerald’s usage of the phrase is in the context of a retelling of a Persian fable. Some versions of the fable, beginning with that of Attar of Nishapur, add the detail that the phrase is inscribed on a ring, which has the ability to make the happy man sad and the sad man happy.





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