Leggings, Jeggings, and the Fashion Police

I know I’m not the first person to discover leggings or “jeggings” (denim (“jeans”) leggings). They’ve been in fashion for quite a while, but I just never thought of trying on a pair. Well—I love them. As of right now, I own over a dozen of them; full length, ankle length, capri, stretch denim, cotton, bamboo; in white, navy, pink, cobalt and black.

Seriously, they look great, and I love the way they fit. I have had more people ask me if I’ve lost weight; I swear it’s the leggings. And I’ll tell you something else; I’m going to keep right on wearing them even when they go out of style.

Keeping up with fashion trends are not only expensive but always seem to cause unnecessary anxiety. When I was a lot younger, it meant a lot to me to be right into the current fashions. I guess I was afraid of not looking “current.”

But these days I don’t give the fuzzy crack of a rat’s rear end if what I’m wearing is in style or not. Now I wear what I love. I say that if you wear or do something you love and are confident about it, you’ll always look and feel good. As long as you have your own good opinion of yourself, no one else’s matters.

I remember back in high school there was a girl who used to follow the edgiest fashions. As we were in rural New Hampshire, not many of us knew or cared what the high-gloss fashion magazines insisted was fashionable. As if in silent agreement, we all pretty much followed the preppy look, or when the Beatles had us all on fire to look British, we did our best to mimic the Carnaby Street look.

This girl sort of became a pariah as she was so out of the main stream with which we were comfortable. One day she came to school in a mini dress, fishnet stockings, platform shoes, lots of silver chains and dangly earrings—and a white curly wig.

Poor thing; it was the wig that finally did her in. I felt bad for her, especially when she ducked into the girls bathroom to escape the ribbing she was getting, took off the wig and stuffed it into her handbag. I remember thinking that if she had just had the courage to wear the thing all day, the laughter might have stopped.

Even if she felt embarrassed, she would have appeared not to have cared what anyone else thought.

As long as you have the conviction that you look good to you, your confidence speaks for itself. Again, I present the fabulous, unique and magnificent Iris Apfel, my favorite fashion icon. She is 95 years old, and wears what she damn well pleases.

This is exactly who I want to look like if I am lucky enough to live that long.

Image result for iris apfel

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