To Keurig or Not to Keurig

The Crankee Yankee and I have a long-standing battle about our Keurig coffee maker. Long story short, years ago the Crankee Yankee and I were visiting my mom and dad. While there, we went to a raffle and bought $10 each worth of tickets. Wouldn’t you know it, the Crankee Yankee won the grand prize; a Keurig coffee maker.

This was a pretty big deal as they went for over $100 at the time. I was delighted, thinking “at last—we can buy all different k-cup coffee flavors and I can have a different flavored coffee every DAY!”

Sadly, that didn’t happen. Oh, we bought plenty of k-cups all right; it’s just that we (meaning the Crankee Yankee) bought all Sumatran k-cups , or all dark roast, or all Columbian, or all hazelnut. As I told the Crankee Yankee, why bother to use the Keurig if you don’t have a bunch of DIFFERENT flavors to choose from?

He looked at me as if I had lobsters crawling out of my ears and said, “what’s wrong with just one kind of coffee?” After I finished rolling my eyes, I took a deep breath and tried to explain that having the Keurig practically for FREE meant that we could indeed afford to buy a dozen k-cups of coconut coffee, vanilla coffee, caramel coffee, french toast coffee, pecan coffee, eggnog coffee, etc.

“So wouldn’t it be fun to have a different cup of coffee whenever you liked?” I said. The Crankee Yankee said, “what’s wrong with regular coffee?”

I swallowed my rising temper and tried one more time: “But then why bother to use the Keurig if all we are going to do is drink cup after cup of the same coffee? We might as well just keep using the old coffee pot.”

So the nearly-free Keurig went down into the depths of our pantry until just recently. We went to Cosco and found k-cups at a much lower price and bought (you guessed it) Sumatran coffee, dark roast coffee and Columbian coffee.

Again I broached the subject of a MIX of different coffee flavors, and he said that there is a place where you can actually pick out as many different k-cups you like, just like a candy store! Perhaps all that time we kept the Keurig downstairs changed his mind, or maybe because we are both older now—who cares! NOW he agrees to take me to that magical place where I can finally pick out all the coffee flavors I want.

Behold and lo—the Crankee Yankee has had a coffee epiphany! Everything in its time and season, I guess…..


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