The Transformative Power of Turquoise

I can’t remember the last time I bought my own towels. When I had my first apartment, my mother gave me her old towels as she was updating the bathroom and had bought all new towels. I used those until they wore out, and, years later, Mom obligingly gave me her castoffs (yep, those were the “old new” towels). I never thought much about about it; I mean, a towel’s a towel, right?

I was doing the wash one evening recently and, while folding the warm laundry, I took a good look at my ragamuffin collection of towels. Some were tan, some were lime, some were pink and some were a faded red. All of them had ragged edges, were thin with use, and many had bleach spots.

Now our bathroom is tiny and needs new paint, a new floor and a new toilet, sink and vanity. The primer on the walls is light beige, the hand-me-down shower curtain was tan and beige (with bleach spots too) and the bath mat was beige. Blah.

We are not ready yet to do the floor and paint the walls yet as we are shopping for a new toilet, vanity and sink. So I did the next best thing to a total bathroom renovation: I changed the shower curtain, bath mat, baskets and towels.

I bundled up my clean old ratty towels and took them to our local SPCA for the comfort of the animals there. Then I headed out to find a “face lift” for the bathroom. I bought a gorgeous shower curtain with a wild and pretty design in turquoise, lime and blue. I bought turquoise plastic baskets for my makeup and hair stuff. Then I treated myself to six luxurious bath sheets, six hand towels and six face cloths in glorious turquoise.

This alone makes the bathroom look great. My next plan is to paint the walls in a soft lime. The Crankee Yankee found a nearly full box of beautiful light wood laminate flooring at the dump (where he is a frequent flyer member there), and it will make a perfect floor.

So while we still need to install the new appliances in there, I feel I have at least started the bathroom “face lift.” It is amazing how just accessories can change a room, even a bathroom.

I found a wonderful web site called “Empowered by Color,” and it says this about the color turquoise:

“This is a color that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. You only have to focus on the color turquoise, whether on a wall or clothing and you feel instant calm and gentle invigoration, ready to face the world again!”

Now considering all the time spent in the bathroom, isn’t it a plus that my adding all that turquoise in there will do all that? If ever there was a room in the house that gives us “calm and gentle invigoration,” the bathroom’s the one.

The color turquoise also reminds me of the elderly woman I mentioned in a previous post who went shoe shopping with her daughter. Her daughter found her mother admiring a pair of bright turquoise platform heels, decorated in crystals.

“Mother!” cried the daughter. “What in the world will you wear those with?”

The mother looked up with a smile and said, “Defiance!”

So there—I was defiant in our bathroom and I couldn’t be happier. Yay for the transformative power of turquoise!



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