A Makeup Makeover

I’d been noticing that my same old toned-down look just wasn’t working for me anymore. The liquid makeup I’d been using felt too dry on my skin, and dark spots and those annoying little wrinkles were calling much too much attention to themselves. Even my lipstick felt flaky.

As I got older, I toned down my makeup. Eyeshadow on wrinkly eyelids isn’t a good look for me. Neither is jet black eyeliner or trendy lipsticks in purple, blue, green, aqua and black. If you are young, you can away with anything; orange eye shadow, thick black eye liner, white lipstick; it all looks adorable on the young. More power to them!

So I bit the bullet and headed to the experts at the mall. Now of course you know upfront that you are not going there to just get a makeover; you will be expected to buy some products. Think of it this way; a pro who really understands skin types and makeup is well worth springing for a new lipstick and eye cream at least.

The pretty young girl who worked with me removed all my makeup and started from scratch. NOTE: Just because someone is young does not mean that they don’t have good experience, training and smarts on the industry. The girl who helped me couldn’t have been more than 25 or so, but she was an expert.

She asked good questions about my normal skin care routine, what I liked for makeup, and what I expected from the makeover. I answered her questions, and I told her that I wanted to look ‘good, but understated.’ I am well aware of my age, and just want to look comfortable in my own skin, saggy though it may be.

The products she used were great, and I saw right away that my former routine hadn’t been too out of date; I just needed some new things to overcome my dry skin as well as a new and subtle look. I also gave in and bought the brushes, too, once I saw how well they worked in blending. Honestly, they are softer than a kitten’s belly, and they do a wonderful job in softening my new look.

There are some products I probably will not buy again, only because I know from my own research that there are other less expensive alternatives that work for me. It was the update that I wanted, and I have to say that I got my money’s worth. It’s worth it to get an expert opinion on skin care and makeup because as we age, our skin tone ages right along with us.

This was just like taking a course; say you want to learn how to use a knife properly in the kitchen. So you pay for the course from an excellent teacher, and from then on, you know how to cut and chop like the pros on Hell’s Kitchen. Same with skin care and makeup; once you know what works for you, you are good to go.  And as with anything else, know when to update.

So, even though I still have my same old face, it looks pretty good. I still look like me, only better. I have learned over the years not to criticize myself; as Popeye would say, “I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam!”

Here’s one more thing that won’t cost you a dime and will make you feel better about yourself each and every day: look yourself straight in the eye in the mirror each day and say, “Hiya, beautiful!”

2 thoughts on “A Makeup Makeover

  1. Jodi says:

    Hiya Beautiful! I’ve been using that line too – lol – no matter what I look like – it starts the day off so much better!

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Good for you, Jodi! It’s like a magic word, and it WORKS!

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