Missing You

I am missing you more than I can say

And wish that we still had another day—-

But such decisions are not yours or mine

It’s all in the hands of the beloved Divine.

We come to Earth on glory-filled wings

And play out our lives; full of love and all good things

But as we know, things all come to an end

The exact day and time is not for us to know, my friend.

So while we are here in joy and love

Even without you here (but up above),

Let’s be glad for the time we had

All the fun, the good, even the bad—

While we are here let’s be happy and forget our fears—

A life well spent is up to us, and Heaven knows we will shed tears

When one we love leaves us breathless and sad—

Remember that we had days and months and years to be glad.

Hearts are unbreakable and love doesn’t die—

Sorrow and love are part of life for you and I.

But hope is always there to guide us through

And I know I will see you again; I love you.


One thought on “Missing You

  1. Jodi says:

    a beautiful heartfelt tribute to your sweet special dad ❤

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