This IS My Happy Face!

If you live anywhere near Exeter, NH, you will know by now that a main sewer pipe caved in on Sunday night. Now a big sewer pipe suddenly breaking is certainly not uncommon, but in our little town it has caused a major traffic problem. Dozens of workmen have been busy trying to fix everything before another pipe breaks.

In the past few days, traffic has been re-routed and detoured to a fair-thee-well, causing major one-way traffic on our street. People are not happy, and you could have made vinegar out of all the sourpusses who zoomed by.

As we seem to get a pile-up right near our house, we heard a lot of folks on their phones, complaining to anyone who would listen. I thought one woman driving by was going to have a stroke when someone on her phone asked her a question. She shouted, “I CAN’T THINK AND TALK AND DRIVE AT THE SAME TIME!” I couldn’t agree more.

However, as if to make up for this problem, it was a perfectly gorgeous day yesterday (today, too), with bright sunshine and the temps up to 80+ degrees. We have all been enjoying walking around in our “house clothes” (i.e., no jackets or heavy sweaters), with the exception of the many folks grumping about the traffic situation, house clothes or not.

So whenever the Crankee Yankee or I go outside, we put on our happy faces because we don’t have to drive anywhere. Generally a smile given gets a smile back, but during rush-hour on our street, smiles are pretty thin on the ground.

Oh well, these things happen. Should this major sewer pipe event happen again, I think I am going to have a special t-shirt made for the occasion. On the front there will be a big red arrow pointing up at my face with a slogan below it reading “This IS my happy face!”

Might help; couldn’t hurt.


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