Snow Storm Chic

Well, we in New Hampshire really got the brunt of the snow storm; several inches of snow, but the worst was the WIND! At one point we had hurricane winds blowing, and wouldn’t you just know it, they pretty much stripped all the tarp and sheathing off the part of the roof the Crankee Yankee has been working on.

It’s not like we got a ton of snow falling directly into the house; he was quick to patch from the inside as much as possible. But it will put him behind schedule to have to re-do all the roof tarp and all the other mysterious (to me, anyway) stuff that needs to be re-done. But it certainly wasn’t the end of the world.

Then, as hasn’t happened in the last four years, our power went out! Of course, it was only 66 degrees in the house, but I wish you could have seen our get-up for the duration. The Crankee Yankee had on all his work clothes, including his woolen watch cap, gloves and wool vest. But I truly was the queen of snow storm chic. (I’d have had him take a picture of me to post here, but I didn’t want to scare you.)

From feet to head, I had on moccasins, thick wool socks, my red flannel pajamas with the white snowflakes, with a heavy pullover underneath, a blue quilted vest, purple wool gloves, a purple, blue and pink fleece hat, and my headlamp. Tre’ chic, no?

Not only were we both bundled up like pigs going to war (as my mother would say), but we made sure that all five cats were warm as well. (Yes, I know they have fur, but they too appreciate a bit of coddling.) Each cat had a flannel shirt, fleece vest or blanket to cozy up in. They seemed pretty pleased with it all.

Then there was the food issue. I had put together a delicious mushroom, onion, garlic and fresh tomato sauce, and was going to boil some spaghetti. But we lost power before I could get the pasta on So we ate the rapidly cooling sauce with crackers. Not bad, actually.

Now we only lost power around 4:40pm, and got it back just before 10pm, but you’d think we’d gone through a years-long cold war! Plus we were already dressed to hunker down in front of my seldom-lit candles. The air fairly stunk of sage, lemon, lavender and pine.

Don’t tell anyone, but it was kind of fun….


2 thoughts on “Snow Storm Chic

  1. Jodi says:

    Silver linings! Your were fortunate. Gosh would have loved to see that picture! 😝

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Oh, no you wouldn’t!! We nearly scared ourselves! 🙂

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