Pilling a Cat

Anyone who has had to wrestle a pill down a resistant cat’s gullet knows what an ordeal it can be. You can sneak it into tuna fish, peanut butter, regular butter, deviled ham; whatever. They will eat every scrap and leave a bare naked pill behind.

Same with crushing it up and putting in chopped chicken, ice cream, etc. They will take a lick, and nine times out of ten will fix you with a filthy look, turn tail and stalk away, tail up straight in the air as if to say, “you’re not fooling me one bit and I hate you.”

So what’s a cat parent to do? I’ll tell you what; you get sneaky. You have to treat this as a war room sneak attack on one of God’s wiliest creatures, a house cat. You may have to resort to plain old cat wrestling, too.

Our boy, Pookie, had a kidney infection the other day and when we took him to the vet, we came home with a few cans of special food, a bottle of tiny pills and a tincture to give him twice a day. All well and good, but even sick this cat is a fighter.

At the vet, Pookie had already had the tincture and one pill, so all he needed was the second pill. Of course, he had already prepared himself for this and had dug himself deep into my closet, right behind the shoe rack. As I only have one good knee right now, I had to go into ballet-mode; one leg out straight and the other bent so that I was balanced on one foot.

I reached in and hauled him out and up on the bed, praying that I wouldn’t lose my balance and lose my grip on him. I fished the pill out of my pocket, and with one hand pried his jaws open and poked the pill as far in as I could. Of course, this also meant clamping his mouth shut so that he had to swallow it.

Once that was done and he had shot under the bed, I put a spoonful of his “special” food in his bowl and pushed it in after him. Of course, this food is strong-smelling, which meant that the other four all came tearing into the bedroom to get some.

It took some doing, but we managed to herd them all out and push the sliding door closed. The four of them looked at me as if Christmas had been canceled. Well, you know, you try to explain the whole thing to them and they are not having it at all. They are used to everyone getting the same thing at the same time, and Heaven help you if you deviate from that formula.

But finally everything settled back to normal (or what acts as normal in our house, anyway). Pookie ate some of the food, and I cleaned the bowl out and brought him his usual; what everyone else was eating.

So far, peace has reigned. But we will undertake this whole song and dance tomorrow. As has been said before, cats were once worshiped as gods in Egypt. They have never  forgotten this.

I know ours never will…..



One thought on “Pilling a Cat

  1. Jodi says:

    What a challenge!

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