…And This Happened

I had a right knee revision surgery this week. What this means is that my original total knee replacement (which was done last October) started  breaking down, causing pain.  This happens in about two or three total knee replacement surgeries per 250 in any given year.

In cases like mine, the original knee replacement is removed, then replaced with a new one; this one with a longer bottom piece. So far, everything looks great and I already feel much better. I am doing regular physical therapy as I did before, and it’s going well.

In my session yesterday, the young woman working on me remarked that I had a “positive attitude” about all this. I told her that I had had a *wonderful metaphysical teacher who taught me how get and keep a positive outlook on life in general, no matter what circumstances pop up.

We laughed, and agreed that the right people come into our lives at just the right time. This went on to more chat about how, when you learn that you can actually control your emotions, life immediately changes for the better.

Keeping a positive attitude is not hard to learn, either. Basically, you come into it with a willing heart and spirit. The “techniques” begin with something as simple as looking into your mirror every day, and saying “hi, beautiful!”

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is and it isn’t. People are always surprised at how hard it is initially is to do this; they are too used to seeing flaws and complaining about them. It takes a bit of time to change your negative thinking into positive, but it soon becomes a habit, and we all know how habits can stay with you.

As you follow this simple practice each day, you develop a positive attitude, and then a feeling of self-worth. You start to feel better about yourself, and before long, you understand that you can change your moods from bad to good. You become positive.

Life takes on a new meaning when you realize that you have control over how you look at the world and the things that happen in your life. Of course this new replacement set me on my heels at first.

Was I upset initially about having to go through the process all over again? Of course I was! But things like this happen, and when you learn to just accept and move on, you can face just about anything.

*My teacher was Noreen McDonald in Wolfeboro, NH. Check out her website at http://www.noreenmcdonald.com.



2 thoughts on “…And This Happened

  1. Jodi says:

    How inspiring! I am going to try this – hard as it may be. I wake up so surprised every morning at how old or fat or wrinkled I look. I’m always shocked – lol – and a bit disappointed. I am going to try to say “Hi, Beautiful!”

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Hi Jodi!

    Great—let me know how it goes. You’ll be surprised at how you’ll see start to see yourself in a new light (no pun intended).

    Believe me; I see lines and wrinkles and wobblies under my chin, but they no longer bother me. 🙂 I will gladly trade my formerly firm chin and wrinkley bits for what I’ve learned over the years.

    Let me know how you do, Gorgeous! 😉

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