Staples of Love

No, that title is not an analogy; it is literally about metal staples. And why would I be writing about staples? Because we are currently using a whole lot of them. Let me explain.

The Crankee Yankee and I are renovating the upper floor of our home to make a comfortable living space for my dad. He will be moving in with us in the spring, and right now we are in the midst of putting up the rest of the insulation. I hold it in place and the Crankee Yankee staples it.

The upstairs used to consist of two bedrooms, separated by a half bath. So much needed to be done, so the Crankee Yankee gutted it to the boards when we moved in around 2007. Actually, many areas of the house had to be repaired and renovated, and slowly but surely, he has made a lot of improvements.

The upstairs had become a catch-all for boxes of books we weren’t sure we would keep, seasonal clothes, camping stuff, two old rocking chairs, some worn-out hassocks, old pictures, a couple of wooden chests, several boxes of model train stuff, and so on.

We have been able to separate things to throw away, things to take to our local Goodwill or Salvation Army, and so on. We’ve made quite a dent in it all. We are nearly done putting in the new insulation; next will come the strapping, followed by the sheetrock. I plan to paint the walls a soft lime color. The Crankee Yankee will install doors, a couple of closets, and then the new flooring can go down.

One ample side will be for Dad’s bed, bureau, night stand, lamps and a lovely old trunk he and Mom refurbished years ago. It will be “in service” again, storing the bedding and towels. The beautiful jewel-tone rug Mom bought in Maine will be right beside Dad’s bed.

Dad will have his own private half-bath with all new appliances; a walk-in shower, toilet, vanity and medicine cabinet. The other side of his living space will be a sitting room with a small desk and chair, Dad’s recliner, a table, etc. Some of the paintings and photographs from his home will grace the walls as well.

In each room, there is a big window for light and air, and the Crankee Yankee is putting in a ceiling fan. There will be a separate electric panel so that Dad can have his rooms as warm or cool as he likes. Finally, there will be a door at the top of the stairs to keep the cats out at night.

So far, Dad has no trouble with stairs, and we of course put up railings on both sides. If the stairs ever do become bothersome, we can easily install a stair lift.

To get ready for the big move, we will be moving Dad’s cat, Bailey, in with us soon. The Crankee Yankee and I have introduced new cats into the house over the years, so this isn’t our first rodeo. This way when Dad moves in, Bailey will have adjusted, and can come and go as he pleases. (But don’t cats do that anyway?)

We are all looking forward to living under the same roof, having our meals together, and taking day trips whenever we wish. This summer Dad can enjoy our garden in the front yard (eight raised beds), and we all look forward to sitting on rockers on the front porch and watching the stars come out. We can be all together or go our separate ways; it will be wonderful.

So each and every staple we use for the insulation that will provide comfort for every season means something to me. Each staple that goes in with that satisfying  “thoonk” means that we are that much closer to “Move-in” day.

I love each and every one of them.


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