Say It/Believe It

I had a knee replacement last October, and it went perfectly. I had great physical therapy, and I gradually went from a walker, to two canes, then one cane. Soon I was walking well on my own. I knew that it takes just about a full year to feel “normal,” and I was fine with that.

Then I began getting occasional shooting pains down my leg, and it felt like the new knee was clicking. I didn’t think that much of it; I knew that I would have pain now and then.

However, the pain began to get worse, and pretty soon I needed my cane again. I saw my surgeon, and, after some X-rays, he told me that the bottom part of the new knee was coming loose; hence the clicking.

He said that, in the 250 knee replacements he does each year, there are usually two or three people who have this happen. So this means that the original knee replacement has to come out and be replaced with a new one, where the bottom part of it is much longer so it will stay in place.

So, lucky me; I am one of the two or three in 250! After about three minutes of feeling sorry for myself I said, ‘ok–let’s DO it!’

Now, here’s where the interesting part comes in. Generally it takes months to schedule a knee replacement, or, in my case, a knee “revision.” The scheduler looked up at me and said, “I don’t believe this—there is an opening this month. Do you want it?”

I said that yes, I definitely DID want it! She said that this hardly ever happens; that a surgery of this sort can be done so soon. I took this as a lucky omen.

I walked (well, limped) out of there feeling pretty good about it all. This time I know exactly what to expect, I know what the physical therapy will be, and I still have all the exercise handouts from the last operation.

I found that I couldn’t stop smiling about this; I won’t have to limp around for long before I can get this fixed. I keep saying out loud “everything is going to go perfectly; the surgery will go without a hitch, and by summer I’ll be walking without a cane!”

Funny thing: I am usually the first one to complain heartily when things don’t go as planned (make that: ‘when things don’t go MY way’). But after a whole day of saying yes to all this, I feel completely right about going forward. Plus I know how lucky I am to have a surgical date so soon!

I’ve found that after saying something positive out loud, my attitude changes. My mood changes. My brain changes. It all changes because I have changed my attitude from ‘poor me’ to ‘yay, me!’

So, lesson learned: say it and believe it!

2 thoughts on “Say It/Believe It

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Absolutely, yay you, Jane! I am so glad the surgery will be soon and the healing can begin in earnest! (Mark had both knees done a couple of years back,and there’s no stopping him now!)

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thanks for this, Pam! I’m so glad to hear that Mark had his knees done and that he is doing so well—that’s my goal! 🙂

    Aren’t we lucky to live in a time where we can get new parts?

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