Was the Platypus Made From Spare Parts?

Behold the delightful platypus!

They’re a whole lot different from the rest of us—

An animal made of all sorts of leftover bits;

Duck bill, webbed feet, beaver tail, fur, sharp wits—

They even have stingers upon their heels

To ward off any foe from otters to eels.

They may look strange compared to other beasts,

There’s no species like it, north, south, west or east—

You have to wonder if the Great Creator, having made all creatures,

Could put together a such a marvelous set of features;

Unless, of course, all other parts were by then taken

And the platypus was His last being undertaken?

However, you’ve got to admit

That the platypus makes a grand exhibit

Of what can be done with bits and pieces—

The platypus ignores all jibes and teases

And laughs at others’ attempts to cause more strife

After all, they are nature’s own Swiss Army knife!










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