Writers’ Block

Oh, dear, I’ve got writers’ block again—

I’ve got nothing that’s good enough to pen!

My mind’s a blank, my thoughts are cloudy,

I’m out of ideas and my inspiration’s gone rowdy.

I think I woke my brain up too early this morning;

My ideas have gone flat, without any warning.

My wit’s gone numb

My brain is dumb—

I wonder when I’ll feel clever enough

To even scratch out a rough

Version of what I might like to say;

But it may be that I’ve given my head a free day

In which to recoup my thoughts, my brain, my soul—

Until I can get myself back on a roll,

And put some insight into word

Even though the very thought’s absurd!

As my inspiration’s flat as a cracker,

Guess today I’m going to be a slacker!





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